Ahh My Legs!! Part 2!

Restless Legs Syndrome is a condition where the affected person has the uncontrollable urge to keep their body in motion in order to prevent unpleasant and uncomfortable sensations. Body movement relieves the RLS-affected individual’s symptoms. 

What are some causes of Restless Legs Syndrome?

There are several associated factors/conditions that may lead to this neurological disorder. 

Unfortunately, a majority of RLS cases have no known cause. 


How is this disorder treated?

RLS may be caused by several different factors. As such, several different treatment methods are employed to handle the syndrome. 


These remedies may play a role in reducing RLS symptoms and bring about relief, but do not expect them to completely eliminate the abnormal sensations. 

If you feel unpleasant tingling, creeping, “pins-and-needles” or tugging sensations on or in your body, especially in the leg area – you should consult your local podiatrist. When discussing your condition, be sure to inform them of all the medications, supplements, and herbal remedies you may be taking as well as your smoking and drinking habits. They will prescribe the right treatment/medications to help reduce and may be eliminate Restless Legs Syndrome! Come to Beverly Hills Foot and Ankle, P.A. for an evaluation. Dr. Nisha Krishnan can help diagnose and treat your problem, call (352) 513-4867 today for an appointment

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