Dried Up Feet!

Leaves are not the only dry things you'll find this season! The seasons of summer and winter are the harshest time for feet! You may have noticed that your feet become exceptionally dry in the summer due to too much sun while in the winter they become chapped and cracked due to the cold. In both instances, the lack of moisture in your skin lead to the unsightly and uncomfortable conditions of excessive dryness. 

Your feet are accustomed to staying moist and supple; there are over 250,000 sweat glands between your two feet! In one day, your feet may produce up to a pint of sweat! 

The medical term for rough, dry skin on your feet (or in any other bodily area) is xerosis and it may not just arise due to seasonal conditions. Xerosis may also occur if you wash your body and feet too often or may occur due to malnourishment. Basically, xerosis comes about when the natural oils in the outer layer of your skin become depleted. These oils function to retain water, and in the absence of oil your skin loses water or dehydrates. 

Xerosis affects anyone and everyone regardless of gender, race or age; however incidence rises with increased age. In some cases, other medical conditions may cause xerosis: diabets, HIV/AIDS, hypothyroidism, or Down syndrome. Xerosis is dry skin and may be accompanied by other signs such as scaling skin, cracking, and red/pink patches due to inflammation. Itching may or may not be associated with xerosis. 

If you find that you are experiencing these symptoms, there are several care guidelines that you can follow to diminish the discomfort:

If you find that your condition of xerosis is still bothersome, make an appointment with by calling Beverly Hills Foot and Ankle, P.A. at (352) 513-4867! Dr. Nisha Krishnan can help find the right treatment for you! 

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