Pregnancy and Feet, Part 2!

The wonder of pregnancy does not just stem from the fact that there is another human growing within you, but the considerable and diverse internal and external changes occurring throughout the body! Unfortunately, not all of these changes are favorable as they may cause discomfort or pain. Pregnancy may cause a variety of uncomfortable foot conditions stemming from edemaoverpronation, and increased foot size like varicose veins, foot pain and leg cramping. To ensure that your foot health remains optimal during pregnancy, it is important to educate yourself and talk to your podiatrist. 

            When the arch of an individual’s foot flattens out when weight is put on it, it is referred to as overpronation. Overpronation is seen in obese individuals, flat-footed people and in pregnant women. A person with this foot condition will find that their feet roll inwards while walking – which leads to all sorts of biomechanical effects such as ankle, knee and hip pain. All the joints in your leg work together to function in gait and balance and improper movement at the ankle will lead to the inappropriate delivery of forces up the leg and cause all sorts of problems. 

            Pregnant women experience overpronation and its associated symptoms because of the weight gain and the resulting added pressure on the foot. Overpronation causes your walking experience to be unpleasant and strains the muscles in the foot, leg, and back. In addition, the plantar fascia (a fibrous connective tissue connecting your heel to your forefoot) will become inflamed causing painful plantar fasciitis. Other problems that can occur if overpronation is not corrected are bunions, tibialis posterior tendinitis, metatarsalgia and heel spurs! 

            The good news about overpronation is that surgery is not required to correct it, however, if overpronation is not treated – it may lead to foot pathologies that will require surgery! Ready-made orthoses are available to treat overpronation. These will specifically be made to have arch support as well as rearfoot posting for the innermost surface of your foot. You can also make wise choices by selecting comfortable shoe gear that provides sufficient shock absorption and added support. 

            If you find that your symptoms worsen, make an appointment with Dr. Nisha Krishnan and Beverly Hills Foot and Ankle, PA.  They will fully evaluate your foot health and make appropriate recommendations! 

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