Yoga for the Mind, Yoga for the Soul, Yoga for the Foot!

Think about all that our feet do for us – they help us move, assist in shock absorption, balance our bodies and support our body weight. What does this mean to us spiritually? In the whole-body sense, have you ever thought about the impact of your feet upon your mind, body and soul? 

In the spiritual sense, our feet connect us to the Earth and are our very foundation. They mirror our bodies and reflect our health and our ailments. Think about how relaxed you feel after a foot massage or after a warm foot soak!  When your feet are taut and tight, your entire body is simultaneously engulfed in tension. Many circulatory, musculoskeletal and neurological diseases such as diabetes and arthritis first manifest themselves in the feet! 

These facts compose a small fraction of the reasoning behind foot yoga. Yoga for the body enhances well-being and positive energy flow throughout the body and as does yoga for the feet! There are a series of exercises you can do to encourage the well-being of your feet! (Full descriptors of the exercises will come in the next blog!) 


Hero Pose

This important pose stretches the top of the foot and ankle and tones the sole of the foot at the same time. It is very therapeutic for flat feet as strengthening the muscles in the feet helps recreate the arches. 

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Downward Facing Dog Pose

This well-known pose involves your entire lower extremity. As your aches lift, your feet muscles work and stretch the soles of your feet.

Baddha Konsana

Cobbler Pose

The Baddha Konasana pose involves pressing the four corners of the feet together and drawing the toes away from each other. The foot muscles are strengthened and the arches activated.

If you find these exercises too difficult, there are simple movements that you can do to still reap the same benefits!

Try the different maneuvers to keep your feet healthy and happy which will in turn keep you healthy and happy! Enroll into a yoga class to help you achieve harmony with your mind, soul and body – especially with your feet! Low impact activities such as yoga will help promote overall well-being! 


Still feeling the effects of wear and tear on your feet? Still having ankle pain? Come visit Dr. Nisha Krishnan at Beverly Hills Foot and Ankle, P.A. for an evaluation today! Call us at (352) 513-4867! 

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