Schedule An Appointment With Us Today!


To schedule an appointment, please call our office at (352) 513-4867.

Prior to calling our office to schedule an appointment, you must first call your primary care doctor’s office (PCP) to obtain a referral with an authorization number from your insurance company and have it faxed to us. Thank you!


When calling our office, please have the following information available:

  • Full Name & Date of Birth
  • Home Address & Phone Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Insurance Card Information
  • The Reason for Needing to Be Seen
  • Name of Primary Care Physician (PCP)


We accept most insurance plans however, please call our office to verify if we take your particular insurance prior to scheduling an appointment.

Insurance verification is mandatory prior to scheduling an appointment. If you are unsure whether we are a preferred in-network provider, please call the Customer Service number located on the back of your insurance card to verify this information.



Beverly Hills Foot & Ankle, and our healthcare team are looking forward to meeting you!

Please bring the following items to your first appointment:

  1.  Driver's License
  2.  Insurance Card(s)
  3.  Name & Address of All Your Doctors
  4.  Current Medications & Dosage List
  5.  Recent Medical Records & X-rays
  6.  Name & Address of Your Preferred Pharmacy
  7.  Patient Registration Forms (You can find these forms on our website under the Patient Information Tab. Please print them out and bring them with you!)


To help our office to stay on schedule please participate in the following:

  1. Please arrive 30 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time to fill out your patient registration forms while you relax enjoying the office ambiance.
  2. You may print the patient registration forms in advance from the comfort of your own home from our website to save you time. (You can find these forms on our website under the Patient Information Tab.)
  3. We strive to stay on schedule while providing every patient the quality of time that they deserve with Dr. Krishnan. New patients may require as much as 30 minutes for their initial evaluation depending on their condition so arriving on time is vital.



We are so happy that you have chosen to come back to continue your foot care with us! We truly hope you will continue to have a wonderful experience and remain apart of our family here at Beverly Hills Foot & Ankle!

Upon arrival, if you have had any changes to your personal information, insurance, new or reoccuring health problems, medication history, please inform the Front Office as well as the medical assistant so that we can update your records immediately.



  • If you request medical records from our office to be sent to a physician of your choice, you will need to come into our office & fill out a Release of Medical Records Form in order to give our office permission to send the records to your designated doctor.
  • Please understand that a request for medical records is a lengthy process and our office requires a minimum of (10 business days) to process your request from the time you completed the form before we can provide the documents to you.  



  • Hover over the Patient Information tab at the top of the screen, then click on Appointment and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on: Patient Registration Form.
  • A browser window will open and you will have the ability to print out the forms from home. Please fill out all the forms completely, sign both signature pages and bring them with you to your new patient appointment.
  • If you have trouble printing, or do not have access to a printer, please arrive 30 minutes early to complete the registration packet in our office.